Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Review of historical fiction book: SARAH by ORSON SCOTT CARD

I read Sarah by Orson Scott Card. I am counting this as historical fiction genre since it has historical facts but also has some fiction..
This was about Sarah of Genesis and Abram. It started with Sarai as a young girl in her father's house and her first encounter with Abram when he came from the desert to their home after Sarai sister Quira. His brother Lot was going to marry Quira.
Abram comes back 9 years later to marry Sarai and they begin their journey. It tells of their life and their journeys together and her struggle with being baron. It was such a good book, uplifting and interesting. Orson Scott Card wrote this book very well, it captures the attention and is very easy to read.. I would recommend this book to all..

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Jenny said...

This sounds good I've been wanting to read this too. I have Stone Tables to read though and a few others here. We have one series in the library but I haven't read any of the Enders series yet.