Friday, November 21, 2008

Book Review-WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte

This book is for my Genre challenge for Romantic fiction and also for the Whitcoulls Challenge. This was such a strange book. I enjoyed parts of the book and not so much other parts. It is such a sad, and in a strange way sort of funny love story. It is the story of a vicious man's who starts out as a sweet orphan boy and is treated cruelly, falls in love and gets his heart broken and turns into a horrible character. I really had a sad heart for Heathcliff, he was such a terrible man but I can't help but fell so sorry for him and the turmoil that he went through that brought him to be such a terrible man. Another reader said "While reading this I felt I was in the grip of a nightmare". I think that is a perfect statement..
I've always wondered about this book and now I have read it, I'm proud of myself for reading it.


Laura Essendine said...

Having only seen the film versions which usually stop with the death of Cathy, I was really surprised to find that the book went on much longer. I wish the BBC would do a really good adaptation of the whole book.

The area around Haworth where Emily Bronte's lived is so bleak and windswept it's no wonder that she was inspired to write such a deep novel. The last paragraph is just heartbreaking

Laura Essendine
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lilly said...

I love 'Wuthering Heights'. As far as Heathcliff goes, I think he is a truly tragic character and he becomes terrible only because of the grief caused him by Catherine. I think she should be the villain and maybe that's what Bronte intended anyway. Catherine broke Heathcliff's heart and chose social status instead of love.