Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Review-The Indian in the Cupboard

I read this book as a kid and thought it would be fun to read again. I always thought it would be such a blast to have a magical cupboard that would make your toys come alive..
This book is about a medicine cupboard that a young boy got for his birthday. His mother gives him a special key to use for the cupboard. He put his toy Indian in the cupboard and when he wakes up in the morning he finds that the Indian has come alive!!!
Omri is a very smart and responsible boy, he realizes that these men are actually real live people and not just toys and he is responsible for their lives. His friend Patrick is not so responsible and quite careless with the men..Together the Patrick and Omri realize that as much fun as it is to have real life cowboys and indians, it is a lot to be responsible for, so they decide to send them back ... for now...

For my Lit Flicks challenge, Childhood Favorites, library, Winter

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thebluestockingsociety said...

I've never read this book, but I really enjoyed seeing the movie several years ago. I think this will be a book that I look forward to sharing with my (as yet unborn) children. Thanks for the review and congrats on finishing a Lit Flicks Challenge selection.

Jessica @ The Bluestocking Society